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The Word of the Year 2019 (Case Study, Fordham University)

The words we use, create the reality we live in. This is how we express our feelings, fears, hopes, beliefs. We are defined by the words we use and they define our world. So it`s important what we say. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the most used word in 2018 was Toxic, as in 2017 it was Fake News. The Word of the Year refers to any of the various assessments as to the most important word or expression in the public sphere during a specific year. What do you think should be the word for the year 2019? (video content and production: Olga Uzunova)


Macy’s Parade 2019, New York City (BG Audio)

93-ият годишен парад за Деня на Bлагодарността на Мейси стартира в четвъртък сутринта, аплодиран от нетърпеливите нюйоркчани и туристи, които се струпаха по улиците на Манхатън.

Над 3 и половина милиона зрители проследиха парадния маршрут между Упер Уест сайт и площад Хералд. Те имахе възможносттада се насладят да полета на 16 балона с хелий, включително д-р Сеус, “Гринч” ”Олаф от“ Замръзналото кралство ”и балона на “Тролове ”. Парадът беше предаван и на живо по трите най- големи телевизии в Съединените Щати- ABC, CBS и NBC.

Happy International Day of the Kiss

The 6th of July is the International Day of the Kiss. It was first introduced in the United Kingdom in 2006. English celebrated the kiss in remembrance of knights who shared that tender gesture of love with their ladies. Let me show you how it involved since ancient times till now.


Sunday in the Hamptons 9/15/19

The last days of Summer are a blessing. What better you could do on a warm sunny day than go to the beach?