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E-mission Bulgaria

As an anchor of an every-day talk show, I had the chance to gain professional experience and personal growth. Working on such a high-speed position is the most stressful, wonderful, and amazing thing I have ever done. Thanks to the excellent team in the control room, I entered the studio strong and confident every time.

Ad-hog Live Studio Interview: French Presidential Elections 2017

It was an important day not only for France but for the whole continent and especially for the European Union. The French President is one of the most essential members of the European Council, and French Politics dictate the political course of the EU. Leading candidates for the position were Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. French had to choose between a pro-European leader and a hardcore nationalist. In the studio with me is Ph.D. Ingrid Shikova– one of the founders of the “European Studies” program at Sofia University. Former director of the Center for European Studies and the Information Center of the European Union and adviser to the European Commission Representation. And Ph.D. Tatyana Burozhieva-Vaniotis– a Bulgarian politician, MP in the 42-nd National Assembly, Head of the Cabinet of the President of the Bulgarian Social Party- Sergey Stanishev.



French Presidential Election 2017: Second Round


The Power of Political Cartoons

One of the most remarkable American cartoonists, Daril Cagle, visited Bulgaria and lectured young journalists at Sofia University. Topis was “The Power of Political Cartoons.” Cagle has drawn cartoons for numerous publications and companies, including Tribune Media Services and Midweek. His cartoons spread over 850 newspapers. In my interview with him why he thinks political cartoonists are the hummingbirds in a mine.


Christmas Book Fair in Sofia

One of the most visited places in the capital around Christmas time is the annual book fair. Bulgarian authors present their new books, foreign writers come to meet their Bulgarian reader, and everybody is looking for the perfect Christmas give.

“Escape from the problems or the key to them are books, “commented Alexander Krastev, creator of the site” I Read “.