Published in the New York Family on April 24, 2020

Home cooking has always been one of my favorite family activities and now even more so! The COVID-19 quarantine changed the dynamics of my family and now most of our home meals are resemble small festivities just because everybody has the time to get involved and get creative. My son’s motivation and his father’s enthusiasm are great, but I discovered cooking is even more fun with some guidance to prevent baking disasters or just give us some fresh ideas. No matter if you are a newbie in the kitchen or a master chef, these great tutorials and live classes will also teach your children more about food culture, ingredient measurements and safety measures around the kitchen.

Haven’s Kitchen

Check out this virtual class if you want to learn the best recipe for pot pies or you want to have fun with your children in the kitchen. For just $25, students can learn how to bake everything from cookies and cupcakes (w/ kids ages 4-14 years old) to pot pie to fried chicken over Zoom. Virtual cooking classes will be taught by head teacher Alexis Delaney or head chef Adriana Fracchia on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays. Haven’s kitchen is partnering with Farm to People, an online farmers market, to deliver all the fresh ingredients you need for the Friday afternoon classes. The organizers are dedicating to free spots to essential workers in each class.

CMOM at Home

Learn about Japanese food and culture as you create a balanced meal or snack resembling your favorite characters! Lunch and snack times don’t have to be a break from learning. Talking with your child at mealtime is an excellent moment to bond, help improve language and math skills, and even learn about a different culture. Additionally, introducing young children to a variety of foods from around the world helps expand their taste, curiosity, and understanding and appreciation of other cultures and traditions. This is why CMOM at Home is providing you with some great DIY ideas for some family fun in the kitchen.

Brooklyn Cookmobile

Librarians with Brooklyn Public Library created virtual Cookmobile. The typical program is a mobile kitchen that’s wheeled into the library to teach a class of 30 teens how to cook. Now, Brooklyn Public Library has adapted its program to reach teens at home with new virtual How-To tutorials and a whole curriculum focusing on how home cooking can be easy, enjoyable, cost-effective, healthy, and delicious. The Cookmobile program allows children to learn more about the chemistry of food, cultural diversity and team building. Students (11-16 age) will also generate their own recipes to compile into a Cookmobile Teen Recipe Book. 

Real Food 4 Kids

Do you want your kids to be able to help prepare, or even cook on their own? Cooking builds essential skill-set, including self-confidence, logical thinking and science along the way. Real Food 4 Kids free classes introduce you to numerous video recipes narrated and cooked by kids. The printable recipe sheet includes ingredients, equipment essentials and tips on how to include the kids. Every step of the cooking process is included so you can watch, learn and repeat. Real Food 4 Kids is publishing new recipes every week so feel free to share your ideas for family meals and deserts!


Raddish brings the whole family together in the kitchen. Online cooking class, grocery games, video tutorials, cook-along sessions and so much more. Designed for kids 4 to 14+ RadDish membership includes a monthly cooking kit, digital bonus recipes and activities, and an online community. You can also visit the free resources section if you want to learn how recipes connect with math, science, history and geography. Don’t forget to check out the Bonus Bites library of activities, crafts, science experiments and more for fun ways to make learning delicious! And it’s perfect for picky eaters — kids who cook, eat! 

Homecooking New York

The platform just launched a series of interactive-online cooking classes for kids to lure them into the kitchen after their daily bout of homeschool. For $40 per person you can choose from different options and menus such as Taco party, Handmade Dumplings for kids age 10+, Gnocchi & Risotto Workshop or Northern Italian Dinner. Homecooking classes for kids cover the culinary fundamentals to give them the basis they need to be safe and creative in the kitchen–knife safety, ingredient exploration, cooking techniques, and lots of eating.


Delish is hosting new online classes for kids! Check out Delish Instagram about details on what the chefs will be cooking next so you can make your shopping list and then log in to their cook-along lives every day at 1pm EST for free. Don’t stress if you can’t join in real-time; the videos will be available on Instagram on the next day too.

Kids Cook Real Food

Katie Kimball will teach your kids proper measuring and stirring and how to be safe at the stove so they can help make breakfast while you’re all home together. Kids Cook Real food lessons include very flexible recipes so that you can follow along with the videos even if you’re missing a few items. Check out their special offer for a free 14-days trial or short-term membership with temporary access to the Kids Cook Real Food VIP Facebook group ($19.95) to interact with other moms and ask questions about substitutions or whether a class is right for your child’s age.

Allergic to Salad

Core&Stem live classes help you feel as part of a family-friendly community while building foundational culinary skills and learn about preparing healthy meals in a fun and interactive environment. All live classes connect you with two Allergic to Salad instructors to lead you through the experience. These wholesome vegetarian cooking classes develop a basis of cooking-skills with creative, innovative activities. Pick from no-cook classes, healthy snacks, baking, family, and children cooking. All programs include general CORE/STEM enrichment and the flexible class times fit all schedules and abilities.


Beanstalk is a great platform for quick video tutorials that will help you learn new tricks around the kitchen and have fun at the same time. Easy snack recipes for children as young as 3 are one click away and because Beanstalk platform allows you to choose from live-streaming classes and on-demand video depending on your skills and mood. Join Beanstalk for free during the COVID-19 quarantine!