Published in New York Family Magazine Jan 22.2020

2020 is actually the year 4718 of the Chinese lunar calendar. It’s the year of the Chinese year of the Rat, which is the symbol of renewal and fertility. The Chinese New Year celebrations are an ancient tradition that marks the beginning of the spring and the birth of the soul. This is the time to have family fun, enjoying the full spectrum of colorful celebrations across New York. Events start the second half of January, in Chinatown, with the Firecracker Ceremony and end on February 9 with the 21st annual Chinese New Year Parade.

This is also the time to clean your soul and home, ensuring all evil and dirt is out, and there is enough space for the purring good. According to Chinese mythology, the year of the Rat is when flexible and open-minded people prosper, those who are ready to change and start something new will be a success, so keep a lookout for opportunities and make the most out of it.